Visualising Search & Navigation

Map Out Your Search APIs for a More Global Understanding

As most of our customers operate internationally, we’ve often found that when analysing search data, it behaves differently depending on the location, and that the whereabouts of the online store is often the key factor for retailers to discover any anomalies, trends or performance alerts.

So, we created the Worldwide Performance visualisation to do just that. Gathering together high-level search data by country and continent, it provides a full understanding and detailed analysis of the worldwide search experience. Offering a global overview that’s divides search KPIs by location and then drills down into different and actionable views so that each metric can be scrutinised.

By providing such a global, but at the same time highly detailed, overview this visualisation focusses on the four core search KPI’s: queries, clicks, add to carts, and No Results. Each KPI can be analysed and checked individually or with others, and they can all be sorted by size or viewed as a map to easily compare different locations.

Visualisations like this one that provide such as level of detail make data more accessible, understandable and actionable. For international eCommerce companies this not only enables them to identify country specific trends but also helps in the planning, distributing and redistributing of stock. Its invaluable insights are extracted from four different perspectives:

  • An overview of what’s happening for each core KPI around the globe.
  • Search performance by country.
  • Gaps or opportunity detection within each main KPIs by country or location.
  • Comparison of different terms or queries by each country’s performance.

The Worldwide Performance visualisation is unique in providing eCommerce brands with a global view and an international perspective to enable them to understand the location specific differences in performance. It allows them to anticipate and accommodate individual customers’ needs, regional or national differences or trends, while comparing and contrasting the performance of countries and KPIs alongside each other to be able to leverage different market conditions, behaviours and opportunities.

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