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Looking for Next Queries

You can play with the queries and its relations by mouse-overing and clicking on them.

One of the main problems of a Search engine is when its users launch a query and do not get any results. This is not a problem if we are talking about a single user, but if several of them reach this same scenario means that, as a Search engine, we are not satisfying what the user expects.

A solution to this problem is to analyze what users do when they reach a search with no results, that is, their Next Queries. In this way, and if repeated patterns by many users are detected, we can change and correct the behaviour of the Search engine: for example, considering the first query without results as a synonym of the next query.

In this sense, the graph above shows the most repeated Next Queries by users of fashion online stores during the Summer season. You can see that, as an example, the query "swimwear" is repeated many times without finding results, and that the following users query is in many cases "bikini". There are other more complex cases, such as the "tweed" query: in this case users often use several words ("check", "frayed" and "Bouclé") to find similar results.