Visualising Search & Navigation

Live Vists and Search Journeys

As part of the work we investigate on how to better Contextualise Search (as opposed to mere personalisation, although this is in itself another subject), the Empathy team has been working in ways of Visualising Search journeys within the context and notions of New-Returning Visits and the applicability of this fundamental knowledge of User Behaviours to map Context to Queries.

Using the StatsAPI from the EmpathyAPI suite and once again with the extraordinary talent and help of Jose Santorum as Data enabler and Cristian Casais as Data Viz champion, we were set out to:

  1. Create a pulsing live view that represents New Visits vs Recurrent Visits. Indicating as black spots those that yet have not articulated intention.
  2. Offer gravity to these groups to associate the flow within Open the door to Actionability by digging on specific Search Journeys or Search Activity Time Lines.
  3. The following video summirizes this experiment.

If you want to know more about this type of representation or about the tools and methods we have utilised do not hesitate to be in touch!

Stay tuned as we make progress on this an other visualisations within the fantastic world of People Intentions Visualisation.