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Introducing our new Categories Visualisation

Have you ever wondered how the merchandising and sales efforts behind each product category are performing?

Well, now you can! Due to client demand, at Empathy we’ve built the first visualisation that does just that. An easy to read, interactive and customisable competing categories representation, that shows how different product categories, brands or divisions are performing against each other.

This visualisation enables data analysts and retailers to not only compare shopping habits and metrics across categories but to really dissect the results from a competitor perspective too. It provides continuity to the Seasonal Keywords Visualisation while offering a bird’s eye view of how each product category feed is performing.

Each core metric (Findability, CTR and AddtoCart) can be analysed and compared in parallel for each category on a day-by-day basis. This regular analysis helps merchandisers and retailers to not only understand product performance but also user behaviour throughout the different seasons of the year. That means they can anticipate demand and plan more efficiently and strategically.

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