Visualising Search & Navigation

Google Analytics Report

At, we have been working towards building reports from Google Analytics data of our costumers. In particular, we and our customers are interested how well search performs on their website and how it affects the costumer’s behaviour. To understand this, we are looking at the total amount of visits during a given time period for a specific market and device types. These visits are broken down by whether search was used or not during the visit. We are also investigating how well the conversion rate performs on visits where search was used, in comparison to the visits where search was not used.

In the recent past, we have aggregated, analysed and shared these numbers with our clients using spreadsheets. Going forward, we want to present this data in a visual and engaging way, which is why we started to look into creating a web based visualisation for the Google Analytics numbers.

After going over all key understandings and insights our clients want to get from this report, we started sketching up different approaches on how to visually display these KPIs. Some of the sketches and wireframes can be seen below. The current result is the visualisation above.

The project has been built with d3.js using Angular CLI. Next steps in the project are to make the chart more engaging, for example by enabling tooltips when hovering over major chart elements. Other possible avenues to explore are adding revenue data and re-arranging the chart to display the client’s journey on the website more clearly.