Visualising Search & Navigation

Developing our new irresistible Now visualisation to see the perfect search funnel and real-time trends

We’ve been working on our new Now visualisation where we examine data sourced from any search provider feed or platform to look at the perfect search funnel and real-time analysis of shoppers’ activity. This starts by looking at the high-level searches with an overview of each continent and then drills down to scrutinise each country showing key metrics such as the clicks, add to carts and no results in more detail.

This visualisation enables data analysts and retailers to not only compare shopping habits and metrics across countries but to really dissect the results on a national level while also observing the latest trends as they take place for each individual country. Each core metric can be analysed in parallel on a country level as well as across countries and continents. It’s a really powerful tool and one we’re excited to be developing to give more in depth and valuable insights to our retail customers and hopefully in turn stimulate ideas and innovation.