Visualising Search & Navigation

Contextualized Queries

You can get more details for each query by mouse-overing and clicking on them.

User interactions in Commerce Search tell us a great deal about what may be missing or flourishing on the Store. By understanding behaviour of groups of users, it's possible to identify trends or opportunities.

With that in mind, we decided to look how to relate users Context (in this case users’ past behaviour and their preferences) with their queries on Empathy Search. Most importantly we wanted to know how well those users profiles correlate with the queries.

We were also looking for a correlation between queries and the user preferences with a metric that shows if the user found what they were looking for on fashion stores.

Having said that, this chart has 3 different layers:

  1. On the first we have the queries and their frequency that can be accessed by mouse-hovering the query circle.
  2. On a second level we differentiate the user profile in two parts:
        a) Style
        b) Family (two ranks on the users preferences).
  3. And on a third layer we show each categories that composes the Style and Family.

Finally, on the right side of each category there is a metric that displays the success of the query associated with the user Context.